They know they are on the wrong side of the fight and have no other reason to Official Tory Busters shirt, so they are making fake evidence to boost their narrative. Facebook needs to add a Google button, required before the Share button. Are you suggesting the people that believe this garbage would actually look something up for themselves. Lol no while it may seem logical, we’re dealing with special circumstances. I doubt they would add a button that redirects to a competitor. No, I’m not, I’m saying it should be required.

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I believe John is talking about the Official Tory Busters shirt which is pretty much and has pretty much always been dead. People are so stupid that they believe anything. Those same idiots put trump in office. That movie Idiocracy was so prophetic. The problem with what Buzzfeed describes as fake news is that it’s only the tip of the iceberg. Fake news may also include selective reporting, changing subtitles, using certain headlines to influence a reader or viewer’s opinion, extreme bias, etc.


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