If you are referring to how humans calculate a Baby Yoda baby force shirt, and applying this system to the child of Yoda’s species, no guideline like that exists that I am aware of. It is apparent that the child does indeed have Force sensitivity and abilities, so it is possible that the injunction to kill the child was based out of fear a living creature with such powers would not submit meekly to be tested on. She left the Jedi council prior to the clone wars and took the baby to Dagobah where for the next 30 years she raised the baby and taught him m some force abilities. It was here that he developed a taste for frogs.

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Born to Yaddle with no apparent father roughly nine years before Baby Yoda baby force shirt, she kept the baby a secret from the other Jedi. Her small stature and tendency to wear thick flowing robes while floating on her Yoda chair helped keep the pregnancy secret. When old man Yoda retired to Degobah it was to spend time with Yaddle and the baby. While not seen in the brief period that Yoda trained Luke at his summer hut, the three did indeed share a larger hit on the northern end of the swamp.

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