I’m sure the Abbey Road The Bills signature shirt has been around a lot longer. I celebrated on the beach with the family. Oh, the memories hearing it from my dad. Apparently the crossing that tourists use isn’t the original. It used to be outside the studios. Oh well, as long as it makes them happy. You don’t get this many a LIEBOUR MARCH. Bet it caused chaos in St Johns Wood. Thank God this didn’t happen when I lived there. Pass there a lot in my Taxi once saw 4 guys Bol- -CK naked strolling Across Beatles style. Something tells me it would have been a good idea to maybe shut the road lol.

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Abbey Road The Bills signature shirt, sweater, hoodie and v-neck t-shirt

Abbey Road The Bills signature Sweater


Abbey Road The Bills signature V-neck t-shirt

V-neck t-shirt

Best Abbey Road The Bills signature shirt

This reported earlier only had a couple of Abbey Road The Bills signature shirt. Here comes the sun, remember that time we went. Things must be hectic around your parts today. People have nothing better to do literally was about to drive through it and saw the crowds. I wasn’t that busy when you went? hope you can get to your flat ok. It is very comfortable and looks surprisingly good with that one set of bee earrings I have that look kind of like moths. One way to do well on clay is to hit hard shots, especially with lots of spins that bounce up high, that pushes back opponents.


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