You’re a Simpson peaked apparel shirt

So I decided not to like You’re a Simpson peaked apparel shirt him anymore, I have to admit, it’s hard and I still think about him but the feeling when I see him eventually go away but I still care deeply for him. There is not much information about your friendship with them, so a general answer was provided. You need to ask yourself, Why you could not be happy if they keep the current gender? If you are not unhappy, you need to find out why your friend would think that, does your behavior or other things make them feel that way? Being happy does not necessarily relate to a romantic relationship, friendship would also be.I supposed you are heterosexual. If you find out what your friend means is more than ordinary friendship, then yes, they may have a crush or even love you, so they want you could be happy with them.However, if they are non-fluid trans, it will eventually hurt both of you if they force themselves to switch back to old gender, which may cause huge gender dysphoria and degrade their mental status, and also yours. One assumes that you have either been introduced to each other or met through some mutual social contact. If a total stranger walked up and said I love you to you, chances are that you would be thinking of an escape route or a blunt instrument of self-defense. A girl has a huge crush on me even though I have told her I don’t love her.

You're a Simpson peaked apparel shirt

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