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And if it’s true that our universe may actually be orders of magnitude bigger than our own universe, the You wanna take my guns say when shirt, In addition, I will do this odds of more intelligent species out there is staggering. And if you consider the universe as we know it has been around for billions of years, there has been a lot of time for things to happen. Most galaxies look pretty much identical to our own, and we have a very common star type and planetary system. If our known universe is the size of an atom compared to the size of the new model of the universe, and we are tiny little things within our known universe, think about how truly tiny we are for as seriously as we take ourselves. In this ginormously vast universe, I think there are a lot more things god would be interested in dealing with than deciding if you should go to hell or not. Allaah wanted to refute this argument, so He created them in this world and gave them reason, and revealed His Books, and sent His Messengers; all of that is so that they will have no argument against Allaah on the Day of Resurrection.

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