Women mimi shirt

We played our games for about five minutes until suddenly the door opened and the school guidance counselor walked in. She asked Vivian to step out into the hall so she could talk to me privately. She told me that someone had complained that my outfit wasn’t appropriate around children. She told me I had to “put pants on or leave”. Luckily I had an extra pair of sweatpants in my bag so I was able to go with the first option. Vivian loved our game time together, and I didn’t want to cut that time short. When I came back from changing, Vivian looked at me and said, “Why did you change your clothes? You looked so pretty!”

Women mimi shirt

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This is a picture from when I wore the same outfit a couple of months before the incident I spoke of. If you are going to comment negative things about me, just please don’t. Young women are constantly being told to cover up completely normal parts of their bodies and it’s not fair. I completely agree that you need to cover your boobs and not wear extremely low cut tops around young children. I completely agree that you need to cover your butt and not wear booty shorts that pretty much show off your couch in front of young children. I’m currently majoring in Early Childhood Education and plan to be a preschool teacher. Obviously I don’t support wearing inappropriate clothing around children, my point of this post is that the outfit I was wearing was not inappropriate. My boobs were not being shown. My butt was not being shown. Let’s stop over-sexualizing young women, okay?

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