Witch way to the wine Halloween shirt

Of course, many viewers might remember the Witch way to the wine Halloween shirt moreover I love this pre-social media Oscars, but now that celebrities can get in on the game with, say, obligatory group selfies, they’re not likely to stop showing us what’s going on behind the scenes anytime soon. The 2020 awards season came to a close last night, as Hollywood’s finest gathered for the 92nd annual Academy Awards. But now that the statuettes have been distributed and the red carpet rolled up, beauty junkies worldwide inevitably have some burning questions: What was the exact shade of blue-red lipstick that accompanied Margot Robbie down the steps and repeats? How did Laura Dern decide on that flawless beige-taupe nail color that paired perfectly with her new Oscar? Thankfully, we’ve got some answers: Here, the skilled experts behind the boldest red carpet looks reveal the top products used on their clients for the 2020 Oscars. Beauty risk-taker Lucy Boynton knows how to work a red carpet, which is why the actor called upon her talented makeup artist, Jo Baker, for her second Oscars. To create Boynton’s fresh flush, the pro applied Chanel’s Rose Petale Blush on the cheeks and brushed the remaining powder onto her lids. “It’s a really great trick to have a harmonious look that ties everything together,” Baker noted. “For anyone in a hurry or anyone intimidated by eye makeup.” Penélope loves the glamour and makeup looks of the ’90s,” explained celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo.

Witch way to the wine Halloween shirt

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