When we all vote shirt

The ones I felt the When we all vote shirt moreover I will buy this worst about, were those that were being victimized. About once a month, we would have an elderly guest come into the store grab a store gift card, and try to load thousands of dollars onto. If they were lucky, they went to an experienced cashier, or I happened to be walking by and overheard/saw the total on the register. 99 times out of 100, when we had an elderly guest doing this, it was because “their grandchild”: needed bail, it was their birthday, they were stuck in another country, or else there was some threatening the guest with a fake warrant that they needed to pay off with one of our gift cards, to the sum of several thousand dollars. I had a lady approach me saying she needed help, that “they were listening to her” and she needed to pay them off. At first, I thought she had mental health issues, because I dealt with many people with mental health problems working there, and because she kept talking about how “they” were always listening and “they” were going to come to take her away, and she was whispering the whole time. After I was able to discern that she wanted to buy a large amount on a gift card, I was able to convince her to wait in the store’s Starbucks, I think I told her while I got the card ready for her. While she was waiting, I instead called the police to request a mental health evaluation for her. It was fairly early in the morning, so the beat officer wasn’t busy and she showed up after just a few minutes. When the cop walked in, the lady started crying, saying she was trying to pay, that she was still on the phone “with the other officer,” and she didn’t want to go to jail. The cop talked with the woman for a few minutes and discovered that the lady had her phone on in her pocket the whole time, still connected to the scammers. She was finally able to convince the lady that there was no warrant and that the police will never call you and demand her to pay a fine using a store gift card. Once she escorted the lady back to her car, much happier, the cop came in, explained what happened, and gave kudos for calling, even though it turned out not to be a mental health issue.

When we all vote shirt

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