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My mother never let me near it after that incident though. It was forever locked away in a small metal chest, the only metal chest we had. I still remember what she told me when she made me watch her turn the key, forever sealing the tool away: “You don’t want to anger them, darling. Our family has had weak hearts since forever… We can’t afford to offend the strong-hearted.” It didn’t make much sense to my four year old self, but the words burned themselves into my head. Six years later, I had to participate in “training”. I don’t know what my instructors thought about teaching sitting on the ground and closing your eyes, but I thought it was boring. They preached about how it would show who would be able to last the longest in the Hills, but I thought that they were being stupid since my mother had outlived all of her family except me and most of the people her age, and she constantly reminded me about how we had weak hearts.

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Nevertheless, I continued training. I pretended to be thinking about whatever the instructors demanded that I think about, but instead I was thinking about how I might be able to get the tool out of the metal box without anyone knowing. I knew that I somehow had to get my hands on the key that my mother had, but she had it on a silver chain the remained looped around her neck at all times. Training lasted from the rise of the sun all the way to the setting of the sun with only one break to eat at midday, and even that break was rather short with many of my classmates not finishing. Needless to say, I had a lot of time to think.

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