Vintage Meowica land of the free and the furry shirt

Vintage Meowica land of the free and the furry shirt

Well, if you look at the Billboard charts, Vintage Meowica land of the free and the furry shirt it’s mainly formulaic, ‘American Idol’ style pop. But if you go out to your local music scene, I suspect you’ll find bands playing all genres of music – and blending them as well. I’m a big live music fan and try to get to Philly at least once a month to see local bands playing. When i’m working on my computer and really trying to get stuff done, i listen to house music. Good house music get’s me pumped up, and it goes on and on at a steady progressive beat. House music, in case you don’t know is a type of electronic dance music, generally minimalistic, and always with a repetitive beat, often longer tracks than other genres. Even if a house track has some lyrics, they’re usually simple and repetitive, the music is motivational for me, probably because of the feel good dance vibe, and the progressive beat.

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Like a similar question I answered on Vintage Meowica land of the free and the furry shirt this topic, you are focusing on the wrong thing. Pentatonic is how the fixed timbre-intonation equal tempered western perspective classifies at set of pitches on their own music. In reality, A) each of these cultures actually tunes their pitches differently, so they are not the same notes in the same space (I am not talking about transposition, but actually where the pitches lie in absolute space), plus, every time a pitch is played, it is variable in where it exists in space anyway (if the music is played properly) and B) the way a melody is played in these cultures has to do with many factors far more important that pitch–as the timbre, intonation, ornamentation are equal, if not more important, than the pitches themselves.

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