Vintage 1961 59 years of being awesome shirt

I farmers are also being forced to dump their vegetable and fruit crops because of the broken supply chain. The problem is that there was too much industrial packaging of Food chain items. In other words, too many restaurants eating and not enough home eating. And it’s not easy to change out packaging machinery. It can be fixed simply my manually packaging or slaughtering insight and selling in bulk. No sympathy for people who factory farm. I have sympathy for the animals and for the workers who ate not protected, becoming ill and dying because of the insatiable gluttony for meat.  They should be paid unemployment and not risk their lives because people keep gorging on meat. This presentation shouldn’t have been so inside and focused on the fact the entire food supply chain is having serious issues, not just meat, in fact, this only focused on pork it covers all meat, fruits, and vegetables, as well as packaged food, though they have a longer shelf life. Meat farms were created to stop that. It is the best solution for nature. It makes sure us humans still are able to get the meat we need due to us being an omnivore. And it makes sure we don’t rob nature blind.

Vintage 1961 59 years of being awesome shirt

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