Unicorn Give Me Strength To Walk Away With Stupid People Without Slapping Shirt

I once found a lost little girl at the zoo. It was a weekday morning and the zoo was empty. My kids and I enjoyed those fall days where most people were gone at work or school, the zoo was largely deserted and we could really take our time observing the animals. Anyway my kids wanted to have their photo taken in front of a large gorilla statue. As I was snapping some photos a little girl crawled out from behind the statue with a tear stained face and out of breathe with quiet heavy sobs. The look someone has after a long cry. I bent down and asked if she was lost, she nodded yes. I told her I would help her and asked what her name was. She quietly whispered “sissy”. I asked who she was at the zoo with and she couldn’t tell me. We weren’t near anyone else so I decided to start walking towards the concession stands where I knew a worker would be and maybe we would pass one on the way. About 15 minutes later we finally found a zoo employee. She used her walkie talkie to call in the missing child and the voice on the other end responded that no one had reported a missing child. This really surprised me because this child was probably missing for awhile before I found her, how was no one looking for her? Some other zoo workers pulled up in a little golf cart, loaded the girl up, thanked me, and off they went. With a little girl who didn’t even know her own name, didn’t know who she was with, and for whom no one was looking. I later asked about her when we left the zoo and I was told that she was eventually reunited with her grandpa. But, the experience stuck with me. As soon as my kids can talk we practice the following:

Unicorn Give Me Strength To Walk Away With Stupid People Without Slapping Shirt

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Ive never lost a child, and hopefully never will. But they will hopefully know what to do if they do become lost. My very young or not yet talking toddlers have a piece of paper with info on it In their pocket, or written right on their forearm depending on what they’re wearing And where we are going. I’ve also practiced with my older kids what to do if we are ever somewhere and a disaster happens. They are old enough to remember shootings in movie theaters, explosions at parades, etc….planning and practicing is so important.

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