Tutubear like a normal tutu but so much stronger vintage shirt

Doctors in training are allowed as students to perform full pelvic exams on women who are anesthetized in hospitals, awaiting other surgical procedures not related to their pelvic area. The women are unconscious and unaware that males will be fingering, palpating, and spreading open their most private parts. It sounds outlandish and I was horrified. It is legal in states but due to lawsuits from women who found out about their molestation afterward, the laws have changed in a few states. The medical profession calls it training so I guess it’s ok to molest their wives as part of our training into manhood. Of course, this is disgusting as are any doctors who try to ever justify such heinous acts. Never leave your wives or daughters alone in hospitals where they are anesthetized. She slipped on some grease and out of reflex I caught her. She was in my arms for about ten seconds. If that long, just long enough for her to get her feet back under her. The manager informed me to never do that, to let them fall. The girl had thanked me, and later her big brother showed up and surprisingly he thanked me. I had told my dad what happened and here was his answer: “To avoid trouble and even a lawsuit let them fall. You’ll never get another job with sexual misconduct, inappropriate touching on your record.”That’s the closest he ever came. In a boat. yards away. Visibly scared as shit. Steve fucking Irwin, scared. I’m serious, go find the video. They are using some camera angles and clever photography to make it look closer, but in reality, he got nowhere near those beasts and didn’t like being even a “medium” distance from them.

Tutubear like a normal tutu but so much stronger vintage shirt

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