Trump slap in the face and says Beto O’Rourke quit like a dog shirt

Did I ever. two things both in books. I bought a first edition of a Stephen King book, and I was reading it when I discovered that I had a “Collectors dream of a book.” I went back to the store and bought another first edition , and the following is the reason why, for both! The book was I suppose unusually short for Stephen King books back then, but I had read the first 115 pages when the page I Turned over to was page 116, faced by page 69. I checked the pages afterwards, and they were pages 69 to 116, well I already had those, and I had read them. So the book carried on from page 163 to the end as normal. I went to the store to hopefully get another first edition with the same mistake inside, or the reverse of what my book had. NO such luck, mine must have slipped through the net somehow. I did get the second book to read the story as it should be read. However I was now curious. My books cost me back then around £9 each, and I knew that this one book would be worth more than that. In th town I live in there is a good OLD book store, and I do buy stuff from there, so I took the book to have it valued. The guy looked at me, and just said where did you get this?

Trump slap in the face and says Beto O’Rourke quit like a dog shirt

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Joe and the Hoe shirt

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Livin’ life somewhere between Carole Baskin And Joe Exotic shirt (1)

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 I told him, he said “to be honest I would give you now £10,000 for it, that’s because I know it’s worth more,” try the main antique shop in Piddle Hinton. Now this shop is run by a guy who really does know books, and their value, what he has forgotten about books, and bindings, and book values most people never learn. So a couple of weekends later we all ( my family) set off to discover what we had. The guy at the new bookshop said he would give me £25,000 there and then, one it’s a first edition, two this never happens, or is so rare as to almost never happen, and there would be some very interested people with very deep pockets if he was to sell it. So the type of client I am talking about here aren’t just British, he had a collection of who’s who for book collectors, of names and addresses. I kept the book, because I am a collector myself.

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