Trump 2020 working harder than an ugly stripper shirt

 2005,I think.Both my mom and dad have passed since then.One saturday I had to get gas for one of our cars.Mom was the nervous type some times.I’m not sure if she had any alzheimers symptoms yet.Any way I told mom to go in and pay,and i would fill up the car.I signaled to her and went near the door to tell her lets go.She gets to the car,and we go home like nothing happened.Btw,this gas station is blocks from our house.We get home and dad tells us there looking for Ma and Kid Barker.I ask what are you talking about.He says a cop showed up at the house looking for us because we made a gas and dash.I went back and paid and told the cashier it was just a miscommunication.She just laughed and said she was wondering what happened.And we;ve been customers there for years.

Trump 2020 working harder than an ugly stripper shirt

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 The phone rang again, I answered, and she started screaming at me. I hung up, turned off the ringer, and went back to sleep. When I woke up, I had several nasty voicemails. My wife got home, the papers had been dropped at the wrong site but she got it figured and delivered them. I told her about the conversation and played the voicemails. She asked if I wanted to deal with it or should she. I dealt with it. With the editor in chief of the paper. The dispatcher lost her job, my wife got a raise, I got an apology and free newspapers for a year.

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