Top I am Wolf shirt

Top I am Wolf shirt

My daughter was due on January 4th. I had some none pregnancy health issues I am Wolf shirt. So I ended up having 11 ultrasounds. I was 38 weeks when I had my last ultrasound. The next day I was getting ready for work when I got a phone call. They decided that I should be induced that evening! That was the 22nd. I would have Stella on the 23rd of December. We spent Christmas in the hospital. We didn’t have Christmas gifts for her or a Christmas outfit. Before going to the hospital, we had to rush to put the crib together! When we got home. We placed her under the tree for a couple of pictures. My husband made me a nice steak dinner. It was simple and peaceful. The family was arriving in a couple of weeks (closer to my due date). Watch some Christmas movies and make memories.

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