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So, isn’t this stupid? Say what you may, I think it is. It is stupid and pointless. And even stupider are people who glorify and encourage such behavior. And these very people are the Trump lost get over it Presidential race to White shirt in addition I really love this reason why our parents do not enjoy their lives. Supporting and taking care of your kids makes sense when they are incapable of doing that themselves but, there is a point after which the kid becomes a parasite living off of his parents. Completely speculative, but intuitively logical, is the thought that a spinal misalignment or dysfunction uncorrected in childhood could lead to permanent problems as the spine grows and calcifies. Schmorl’s nodes, scoliosis, adolescent-onset migraines, premature disc degeneration with sciatica: how many cases of these problems are caused or worsened by uncorrected childhood subluxations? Teaching kids to manipulate people to get what they want. I had a kid throwing a fit for some unknown reason he refused to tell us when his mom came and picked up. I was running the front desk, and the mom asked him why he was upset. The kid muttered something to her, and then mom came to me and said Preston says he only got one of snack while everyone else got several. I demand that you give him more.” Here’s the thing: I was in his classroom during snack time. I distributed the snack. Everyone got a bowl full of mini vanilla wafers, and everyone got as many servings as they wanted (within reason). What he was saying definitely wasn’t true; he was lying because now that it was close to dinnertime, he was hungry again but knew his mom wouldn’t give him a snack since it would spoil his appetite. The other issue was that we ran out of vanilla wafers. I had to scramble to find some animal crackers while I had to also deal with other parents coming in wanting to pick up their children. This mom was a known manipulator and he had definitely picked that up from her. You’re making the assumption the child isn’t going to grow up to be gay or trans. Putting girls in frilly skirts and boys in athletic shirts is fine to an extent, but if it’s too often, it’s clear you’re forcing gender stereotypes on them unless, of course, they’re at the age where they can choose their own outfits. My boyfriend has a coworker who keeps putting these weird exceptions on his son and then brags about it. It’s gotten to a point where he broke his leg at a theme park.

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Strictly regulating what your child eats. Of course you should monitor/have a say in what they eat, and limit certain foods. I’m saying I’ve seen it happen too many times where a kid has too many limits on their diet and it messes with them from a psychological standpoint. For example, I had to enroll a child at one of the Trump lost get over it Presidential race to White shirt in addition I really love this daycares I’ve worked at who was on an extremely strict vegan diet, and even from there it was limited. No soy because the mom didn’t want to support the soy industry, things like that. The child was given his vegan meal at lunch one day, and he looked around at everyone else’s hamburger lunches, and threw his lunch down and said “I want a hamburger, with ketchup and everything on it!” Being vegan is your choice, and it should be your choice as an adult. Children know when they’re treated differently in school, and being exposed in this way can mess with their mental health. Let them eat the school lunches if possible, that way they can eat what everyone else is eating. You can give them soda or fast food as a special treat, once a month or so will not do major damage if you let them know it’s an every once in a while thing. Ok, you’re creating more work for me as a daycare employee, and you’re creating future assault charges against your child. Just don’t do it. Your kid will be a more respected member of society if they don’t partake in the fighting. Tell them to take the high road instead. This one isn’t taught as much as it was when I was young, but I still hear it from time to time. Teach them to talk to the right strangers. The stereotypical kidnapping scenario where a complete stranger lures away a child does still happen, but it’s far more likely they will be harmed by someone they know a family member, a teacher, a family friend, etc. Teach them to be comfortable going to security guards, store employees, etc. Odds are, no one is going to spontaneously kidnap a child that approached them in a mall because they lost their mommy and need help. Make children aware of dangerous situations, such as a man who says he wants you to get in his car and help him find his dog believe it or not, these situations do still happen.

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