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Harry will never have a close relationship with Prince William. The book is the cherry on top. Meghan made sure to pull an all-too-willing Harry away from the royals, and oh how the “mighty” have fallen! Prince William will remember this betrayal of trust, of family honor, of playing things out publicly which could have been handled privately, and William will have to, out of necessity for his children’s futures along with his and Catherine’s, stay away from Harry.

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Top Gun your ego is writing checks your body can’t cash shirt

When I was about 20, I spent one summer working for a very rich family who lived by Columbus Circle in NYC. For those of you unfamiliar with Manhattan, that is a very expensive area. The mom was a corporate attorney and the dad was VP at a fancy investment bank. They lived in a luxury apartment building on a high floor that had floor to ceiling windows with views of the entire city and the Hudson River. Their building had multiple rooftop lounges with flat screen TVs, a game room with 2 pool tables, ping pong, foosball, and more flat screens. It had a gym, kids playroom, garden, office lounges…the list goes on. These guys were rich af.

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They had 2 kids, a baby girl and a 4 year old boy. Normally I was paid 18/hr to watch the baby all day and the boy when he got home from school. Over the summer, I got 20/hr for both of them all day. Hardly a valuable increase for double the work, but whatever. I was young and it was a good salary for a 20 year old so I just did the work anyway, even though the boy was very mean and poorly behaved due to a lack of attention from his constantly working parents. He would constantly hit and kick me, call me names, tell me he hated me, hit his sister, etc etc. For all his privilege, he was a very unhappy child.

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Anyway, when school came back in session, it went back down to 18/hr. Kinda stingy but still, fine. One day, I came in on a weekend because they had a party to go to or something and I was watching both kids. When I asked for 20/hr, not only did they refuse, but they LET ME GO. No warning, no 2 weeks, no severance, nothing. This isn’t the worst story in here by far, but I was still astounded at how cheap these people were. Then, the mom had the audacity to text me later to tell me that they always paid me as much as they could and that I should have been more grateful! Bear in mind-this was a 5 hour shift. I was asking her for an extra $10! This b*tch spent at least $25 every morning ordering a Belgian waffle and an iced coffee for delivery (when she had waffles in her freezer and coffee in her cabinet). And she still had the nerve to act like she couldn’t afford an extra $10 for the woman raising her children. Her daughter called me Mommy.

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Honestly I was being way too nice. It was perfectly reasonable for me to expect more money for more work. I did DOUBLE the work and asked you for a mere $10 extra. You spend more than that on your morning waffle, but won’t give it to someone who is helping raise your children? Refusing was your right, but to let me go last minute when I did nothing wrong and proceed to try to guilt me was very disrespectful. I needed that money for my rent. Thankfully I still live with my parents and they are understanding, but that might not have been the case.

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Catherine will not enjoy laughing with Harry any longer. His true nature has been revealed, and Harry is riddled with jealousy! The Cambridges know now, don’t they? Harry could have sought them out ahead of the splitting of the Royal Foundation, or ahead of them leaving for Canada. Not on a royal level, but as brother to brother. With Harry telling Prince William, “Dude, I’m outta here, and I love you, and I want you to know I will never say a bad word about you. Meghan might, but not me.” At least that would have been something.

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