I think I need glasses because I keep seeing a lot of people with two face shirt

A good reminder to everyone I think I need glasses because I keep seeing a lot of people with two face shirt that the loudest in the room is not necessarily the happiest. Wishing her all the best for the future. Hats off to her for having the courage to speak out about this. Far too many people suffer in silence. Not particularly bothered about the group, per se. But massive amounts of pressure are put on young people by the management and the labels to look good and constantly review their appeal. See Hearsay and you’ve put on some weight, Kim’s scenarios. Hope she gets better soon. I can tell from these comments the reason this took its toll, she obviously loved music but the degrading comments about women and appearances from this country are disgusting. And the media is the worst. No wonder people have committed suicide and wanted to leave the spotlight when it’s taken a toll on their mental health as well. No one learns clearly either. Irrespective of your opinion of the band, she is a human being and her decision is partly due to the trolls who have made her life a misery since she was 17. Don’t know who this is, nor do I care. Great work BBC on the breaking story. She’s had a good run! They’ve lasted far longer than anyone could have guessed, given their meager talents. Mental health is so important. Well done to her for putting her health before money and fame. I hope she feels much better about herself in time.

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I think I need glasses because I keep seeing a lot of people with two face shirt

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