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You are most certainly the better person to apologize. It shows that you have respect, and empathy for others. This is honorable. Do NOT stop being the person that you are. If someone doesn’t reply or acknowledge an apology, they lack the qualities that you have instilled within you. It is your perception that the right thing to do would to would reply, or, at the very least acknowledge your apology. If you get nothing it’s very simple, it has nothing to do with you at all. The person on the receiving end of the apology simply doesn’t care enough about anybody else, or have the decency that you take for granted, because you should expect any decent human would be humble and kind enough to reply to you. Possibly they have guilt, but see, that’s MY perception. I would never be able to ignore an apology, and it would cause me to carry the weight of guilt. Bottom line is that just because somebody is not humble, kind, or lacks empathy for others, and shows no respect, do not allow that to change who you are inside. Let it go, and understand that it’s not possible for you to understand this lack of respect, and common decency. Stay true to yourself, and just move on. There are people in this world, millions of people who have the common decencies that you do. I just had this exact same thing happen to me, and finally, it is easier for me to just let it go. Its not easy. Your heart hurts a bit, you went out of your way and were hunble and kind enough to apologize.

There's the salad now leave me alone Christmas shirt

Even when they have (very nobley and condescendingly) deigned to stoop to accept your apology, they never really do. They add it to your tab – a list they keep of your slights and insults (both real and imagined) over the years. You can hear in great detail the things you’ve supposedly done. You may not remember, but if you don’t, they can repeat it to you verbatim, or just make something up, whichever works best for them at the time. Let’s say the statements are made by Person A to Person B. Different people will feel differently about the statements. How they are intended and how they are interpreted is is going to depend on the two people involved interpret them. Tone of voice matters as well. Nobody folds hands or bows their heads in India anymore, however, maintaining eye contact with the person you are apologizing to is a sign of insolence. The proper way would be to assume an even tone, quickly say the apology while looking at the ground, and then look back up to gauge the other person’s reaction. Apologies in local languages are fast being replaced by the English ‘sorry’ understood by most of these languages, though this has the disadvantage of sounding casual, and by extension, fake and insincere in some situations. Indian people don’t get all emotional over minor issues and prefer moving on, however the onus of rectifying the mistake is usually exclusively on the person who’s screwed up, which is swiftly pointed out as a reply to the apology. More like a “Forget it/Move on/Set it straight/What’s done is done.”

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