Teach love inspire even from distance face mask

A few years ago, my Girlfriend and I were going to be going home for a month for Winter break. I put in for the time off in September and was told a couple weeks later that it was granted, as lots of places in college towns expect when employing college kids. I was all set and plane tickets were booked and all was a go until the schedule came for just before we left. Now, as you probably imagine from this set-up, I did not treat that job as a gift from heavens. In addition to that I’ve always been and still am trying to treat people as respectfully as possible, especially store clerks, waiters, and service staff in general. I hate it when they apologize profusely for something minor and I don’t like when they behave all subservient towards me. You’re a human being, same as me, to put that in my medical records while I was that sick was highly uncalled for. even my kids were worried about me because they have never seen me that I would throw up saliva I swallowed.

Teach love inspire even from distance face mask

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