Tattooing saved me from being a pornstar but I still get paid shirt

The judge then inquired about how far I had to travel before I was able to catch up with the defendant and stop him to which I provided the Tattooing saved me from being a pornstar but I still get paid shirt. He then dropped a bombshell by asking me what conversation ensued between me and the defendant. I referred to my notes and happily quoted the defendant’s exact words. He then had to stand there as the judge delivered a blistering 10-minute lecture on the proper way to act when you are pulled over by a law enforcement officer and that the officer is to be accorded respect befitting his position. He then accepted the guilty plea, fined him $150 plus court costs, and two days in jail. I learned later that the judge called the sheriff and had the defendant released after four hours. My husband was boiling some potatoes for supper (I was at work) and fell asleep. When I got home the kitchen was full of smoke from burning potatoes and he was still asleep. The pot got so hot it melted the aluminum on the bottom. I still use that pan but the bubble reminds me of when my husband nearing burned the house down with him in it.

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