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It is a rare sight in Accra, and, indeed, when they skate, people line up along the Tatis Jr Air Nino San Diego shirt Besides,I will do this street to watch in awe. One of the skaters, Philip, has added a West African flourish to his board by hand-painting the bottom in a way that almost looks like a batik dye motif. Most of the crew wears headphones, and Lionel (or Breezy, as he prefers to be called) tells me he listens exclusively to trap music like Migos and Future while on his board. The next goal for Skate Nation is finding a location and funding for a permanent ramp. They are being helped by Sandy Alibo, a young woman from France who visited Accra some years back, fell in love with the country (how could you not, and has since lived between home and here. She is passionate about extreme sports, and started an Instagram called Surf Ghana to promote surfing, which was once hugely popular in Ghana (parts of the classic surf film The Endless Summer were shot here) and is growing again, particularly in the town of Busua in the west. She eventually met Odamtten. “A lot of these kids have no money to go to a movie or bars this is a free way to have fun,” she says. “All you need is a board.” Indeed, on one hazy Thursday in August, that seemed to be true, and the skaters who assembled here under this concrete highway were having a blast. A typical day for Gus Tanaka, the Los Angeles–based skater known for his balletic footwork and killer style, generally starts around 10. His first stop is usually Andreas Coffee Shop on Melrose, where he drops in for an oatmeal and banana-almond smoothie, then it’s off to Brooklyn Projects to warm up on their in-shop mini ramp or, more often, to Venice Beach. “It’s entertaining [there],” says Tanaka. “It attracts a lot of people because it’s like the beach and your homies it’s like alive.” It is also addictive: “Some OG was telling me that the V sculpture in Venice attracts people and puts them in like a trance [where they lose track of time],” the 20-year-old adds. This writer, along with more than 42,000 others, have lost track of the hour and minute hands while watching Tanaka’s videos on his Instagram account, @yungspliff. He does not document huge stair jumps and bravado stunts, but rather his signature quirky and intricate footwork.

Tatis Jr Air Nino San Diego shirt

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