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I’m sorry, but apart from the captivating eyes, Alexandra Daddario looked in all fairness very little like Annabeth, even after they dyed her hair blonde in the next film which was a bit late she never truly looked quite the part in how Annabeth is described to be. They also watered down her character quite a bit, her entire background story for example with Thalia and Luke was barely touched upon or why she cared so deeply for Luke, let alone her troubled relationship with her father, which was very unfortunate for her overall character and arc. Not to mention Annabeth is the daughter of Athena the Goddess of Wisdom and Battle Strategy who trained for like 5 years straight, she’s supposed to be incredibly resourceful, skilled, observant and smart, now the fact that Percy is able to beat her just like that in one on one combat on his first real try in wilding a sword is just mind bogalling.

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Sweet crocs bro shirt

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I’ve ever seen the man play. Now we know that the man is married, that he is a father, but very little information on his private life he does not like to talk about his wife, his family, who his friends are, what his views are on what-have-you he just wants to act. And he’s damn good at it. Whatever he does or thinks when the camera turns off, is none of your concern or mine I respect that enormously. The reason De Niro keeps acting? He has quite a lot of children, two of them underaged and one of them mentally challenged. He also has a rather nasty divorce with an ex-wife who now insists on a very high pay-out because she’s grown accustomed to certain luxuries.

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