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I regularly said hi to and Stitch I love you with all my butt I would say heart shirt shared small talk with eventually had the courage to ask me out. I said no and he avoided me ever since. Guess he wasn’t really a friend? Another friend used to bike ride with me. he waited until a summer night with drinks to put the moves on. I said no. You guessed it– didn’t get invited to ride with him again. Another friend thought my newly single status was an opportunity to make his move. I said no. Guess what happened!? He said “it hurts too much to be friends” and I haven’t spoken to him since.

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Now, if you adopt, that is completely different. Then you would be the mom. How sad that the child is trying to be forced, NY you, to cut his mother out of his life, for what? Why should your nephew call anyone other than his mother “mom?” You are completely out of line to try to do this to the child. My son told me goodnight and said he would sleep well that night because he had purchased a new pillow that evening. I did not realize that he was telling me goodbye forever as he had drugs hidden in the pillow that he used that night to take his life. My last words to him were, “goodnight I love you”. How can so few words say So much?
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He was clingy, demanding, and a firm believer in keeping a woman barefoot and pregnant; but now I knew he also had zero respect or common sense. So when I got home that night I told my grandmother the truth. Ex was too clingy and controlling and I didn’t want to be with him anymore. What should I do?Yes, a court order CAN require that you do this. If it was a condition set by either the judge or the non-custodial parent during the divorce OR as an amendment to the divorce and the judge feels like it’s a reasonable change/requirement,

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