Stitch I know I have diabetes just give me the darn cupcake shirt

She doesn’t see any reason for public education, and you don’t see any way to do it. We’ll declare that we had a nice run these past 100 years, but that’s enough. COVID isn’t going anywhere, and vaccines need at least 5 years just to prove themselves as safe and effective. What do you propose to do to educate children for the next 5 years. Online learning is less than ideal but it’s what we have that helps keep us alive. Not one teacher is even on vacation right now, this summer, as we prepare to teach students we’ve never met virtually. I’m sick of people thinking teachers just don’t want to go back because they truly have no idea what that looks like during this virus. Maybe if you thought more about what you post first, you won’t get the reactions you do. While I do think opening schools would be a mistake, there is a real gap between students regarding access to technology and internet.

Here is a fact NOT included here DIGITAL LITERACY is an essential skill for every grade in every state SO truly they were working on a standard a career and college readiness standard. I think our students are learning how to adjust in an ever changing world. Parents AND teachers did their best in this situation I don’t think our students are behind. Kids who have a record of doing well will be just fine, despite the Apocalypse. And how has this even been measured considering we are not back yet it’s amazing what they can be SO SURE about in just a few months. Getting out of the box to make sure every student has has some classroom access. If you care about them push for better wages and financial support to fix the fundamental problems. Falling ill and spreading the disease to fellow students, teachers, admin and family is an even worse disadvantage. Again, we know one of the biggest factors in a child’s success is a two parent household and stability.

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