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It’s not cheating but it is a concern for your boyfriend and so he called it cheating because he is not mature enough or smart enough to know what to call it. You were being trolled for sex. You were approached by someone possibly a sexual predator. If I’m reading it correctly you answered him twice, the second time after he said he wanted sex from you. This only encourages these kind of creeps. If he knows your boyfriend he can show him the text and cause trouble. Something like, “look, your girl is texting to me”. The next time something like this happens, don’t answer AT ALL and tell your boyfriend some random guy sent you an inappropriate text. You are under no obligation to answer or even read texts from people you don’t know. Keep yourself above reproach. I disagree that Donald Trump is a racist because of his stand on illegal immigration. I think it is arrogant and condescending to suggest that the millions of people in this country that merely want our laws enforced, are acting out of racial motivations.

I was raised to believe in the rule of law. This means we have elected officials that create and pass our laws. We are all obligated to follow those laws – even the ones we do not like. In fact, I feel America is highly over regulated and there are tens of thousands of laws I do not like. But I understand that as these laws were passed through democratic processes, I am obligated to follow them whether I like them or not. That is my duty as a citizen. I have no strong view on how many people from Mexico or any other place should be allowed to immigrate to the U.S. I think that is an issue that should be debated by Congress. Immigration procedures reflecting the Congressional compromise and consensus should be and have been passed into law. Once a set of rules becomes law, everyone that steps foot into America is obligated to comply.

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