Snow Scarf Shih Tzu Merry Christmas shirt

Everybody thought you could catch it from shaking hands with someone who had sweaty palms Snow Scarf Shih Tzu Merry Christmas shirt or from using the same drinking glass or from a public toilet. No healthcare workers wanted to treat patients who were infected, and mortuary staff didn’t even want to bury the victims for fear they could catch it from someone who‘d died from it. It was a very real threat and a very frightening time. Doctors and hospitals and dentists began using disposable thermometers, sterilized needles on one person only when giving injections or taking blood samples, plastic gloves when performing procedures that forced them to reach inside a person anally or vaginally, and when having to touch a person’s mouth (even after it had been established that the virus wasn’t transmitted through saliva or sweat), and extra precautions were taken when performing surgery to limit physicians’ and other hospital workers’ exposure to possibly infected blood. Diabetics now had to use needles only once and then safely dispose of them, because if a garbage collector happened to get stuck by a discarded needle used by someone who was infected, they, too, could catch AIDS. And finally, the disease could eventually be controlled (though not cured) through breakthroughs in science that the entire world, much like it is today, was scrambling to find, and it stopped being quite so scary. Once people learned that HIV was not going to happen to them as long as they took all the appropriate precautions and that even if it did, it was now treatable and didn’t mean they were going to die, they went back to living their lives and they just accustomed themselves to the virus still being around, but it’s being successfully treatable by then removed the panic and paranoia that ran so rampant in the beginning. That last part helped more than anything.

Snow Scarf Shih Tzu Merry Christmas shirt

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