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My intentions were to be fair and be in harmony with everyone so that she could live with me peacefully even though it meant that I had to let go of my well paid job and start a new career in a new place, which wasn’t a big deal at that time because I’ve lived and worked in few countries across the world and was confident this shouldn’t be a bad idea as I had built up solid years of work experience. But as a shocker I, like any normal person, had not anticipated the delay in my immigration process, and as a resultI have to stay at their place longer than expected.

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Snoop Dogg smoke King weed shirt

My babysitter saw my panties showing under my shirt. And when mom pulled up I went to go to my room and suddenly I was graped and my shirt tried over my head. I screamed like a girl I was helpless struggling with my shirt. Mom put me over her knee and spanked me. I used to own a topless bar. I wore 8” heels and fake hair. I was the bitch goddess who wouldn’t take shit from anyone, and made sure to protect the ladies who worked for me. Troublemakers spread rumors about how hateful I was. I came in more than once while wearing flat shoes and no fake hair. I loved joining conversations about how awful I was, because people didn’t recognize me unless they actually knew me.

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I would threaten to sue for discrimination and prejudice. Maybe have an attorney send them a cease and desist letter. Your daughter can wear whatever hairstyle she so pleases. Black women straighten their hair, is that allowed. Their policy is foolish, however, you have to protect your civil liberties or they will be taken. No, but what if you forgot the combination. Here’s a word of advice for anyone reading this. 90% of people keep their safe in the master bedroom closet so put your stuff in the floor under the safe. No one will ever check under a safe. I used to install them.

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I was at work and my female coworker was wrapping a skid to secure it. As she was as wrapping the bottom of the skid I was going to tap her shoulder but turned in a way that I accidentally hit her ass with my other hand. She poked fun of me for doing it and laughed. Nothing came of it luckily. When I got pregnant. In our office, when someone is mocking at me being pregnant. There are some points when they don’t consider my feelings like getting mad at me infront of my face. I totally can forgive but can’t forget. It felt like I was hopeless and jist ignore them that time. I dont even know what did Ive done wrong to deserve to be treated like that.

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When I was in prison I was put in a maximum security unit and locked down for 23hrs a day due to my violent and terrible behavior. But I learned if I played crazy they’d put me in a mental health unit and I gotta free pass to do what I want. Yup, took full advantage of that. My prison stay was actually kinda fun after that. Alot of the officers took a liking to me also and let me get away with practically anything. What the fuck is wrong with you? You call yourself a parent? Living on the streets isn’t the real world that most people experience.

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And the worst was the true nature of the In-laws. I wouldn’t be writing this today if they were being normal parents, let their daughter and son-in-law settle in first and show some compassion when we both were struggling to find a job and move. All I deserved was the respect and gratitude for everything I had to go through for their daughter while also trying to take care of my parents back home. I think men are underrated in this matter (which is a different subject altogether.

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