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I think bleating that Kate didn’t reach out while acknowledging there was little common ground is unfair. Surely, given the very different backgrounds and adult aspirations of Kate and Meghan, a lack of common ground must have been clear from the start and should have been an accepted starting point for any relationship to develop. I can tell you from experience, that lack of common ground is a good reason for divorce not enduring friendship. I believe that Camilla attempted to cross this lack, it seems with no success.

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Skull let them eat cake vintage shirt

When we got to hall where they were having the wedding and reception, we walked in and I immediately felt a shit load of tension in the room and I started to feel very uncomfortable. I asked my friend why no one was smiling, laughing or even talking with each other. They had looks of horror and dismay. She told me to just wait and i’ll find out. The bride and the groom walked in together with the bride’s father in between them and he looked PISSED. I think that my friend was the only one smiling at this point and I kept waiting for her to tell me what was going on and then I saw it! Bride’s father stood them in front of the preacher (who also looked petrified), stepped away and in his hand was a double barreled shotgun. I thought that this was some kind of a joke, but NOPE! The bride was knocked up by the groom on the first date and daddy was going to make sure that he was going to take care of his responsibilities. It was utterly mortifying! Just seeing that look of doom on their faces as they lit a candle.

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I had been married to my then husband for nearly 30 years. It was a beautiful summers day and we decided to drive out to the Yorkshire coast 60 miles away. The sun was shining and the Yorkshire coast was one of our favourite places to go, We (I thought) had many happy memories there. My husband was unusually quiet and withdrawn that day. I thought he was worried about money because our business had been having a few problems. I thought he just didn’t want to spoil the day. Unusually on the journey home he asked me to drive. It was such a lovely day and North Yorkshire is so scenic I took my time driving home. There was no rush. I drove without a map or sat nav just wandering through little villages and beautiful countryside. I drove down one narrow country lane after another with no real idea where I was, nor caring.

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I saw a sign for cream teas and thought what a lovely way to finish off a day trip to the sea side. I followed the signs and we eventually came to a very quaint hotel. When we entered the building my then husband’s demeanor changed completely. The hotel had a large collection of very unusual Victorian antiques. Clocks that went backwards and other interesting collectors items. He just stared at each item and said “Oh my God, oh my God”. The antiques were all quite unusual but I thought his reaction completely over the top! I asked “ What on earth is the matter with you?” He replied “A friend of mine has been here.” To which I replied “How on earth do you know that?”. Apparently his friend, a female friend had been to this hotel on a conference and had described to him the antiques in detail.

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I suspect that Meghan knew Omid well and, probably, together with Harry, the three of them sometimes had drinks together. If you know someone socially, then your guard is down; Meghan would probably have known what was likely to be included in the book – but I think Harry would have been less suspecting. Omid was a friend of Meghan’s; ergo, Harry was friendly towards him when they met. He, Harry, would have spoken to him as a friend – and may have been a little more indiscreet than he should have been; I believe everything Meghan said would have been deliberate, Harry nodding in agreement.

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The attempt the Royals made to cross this lack was most visibly apparent during Harry and Meghan’s wedding. The whole thing was a jarring attempt to meld the two grounds together. The singing was stirring; the preacher…… preached to the converted. It stood out to me as a mystifying moment when a preacher preached love of Jesus to the Head of a believing community who had lived her life faithfully to the Gospel. It was a bitter pill and perhaps a portent of the future.

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