Six months wearing face masks shirt

Sandro’s menswear category is moving fast; not only does the Six months wearing face masks shirt But I will love this brand have double-digit growth, but it also has big ambitions. “We’re always striving for just a touch of newness,” offered Ilan Chetrite, the founder and artistic director of Sandro Homme. The brand may have 200 points of sale today, but Chetrite prefers to think of the company as it was a decade ago, when he was dropping a few men’s pieces into the women’s flagship in the Marais. “I knew I wanted to cater to men the same way that the women’s brand did for women,” he said. By any measure, he has succeeded. For Spring, key pieces riff on nostalgia from less-complicated times (the Kennedy era springs to mind).Six months wearing face masks shirt

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