What We Do in the Shadows Jackie Daytona vintage shirt

What We Do in the Shadows Jackie Daytona vintage shirt

One important reason for there being no more What We Do in the Shadows Jackie Daytona vintage shirt German forces to support Berlin was the massive defeat of the Western German armies between December of 1944 and April of 1945. Hitler made a decision to counterattack on the western front in the fall of 1944. The defeat of this offensive, by mostly American forces, in the Battle of the Bulge, ruined what was left of the German mechanized reserves. This left a solid line of under-strength but still effective German infantry divisions protecting the German frontier. When Hitler refused to allow his western armies to withdraw behind the Rhine, these were destroyed over a period of several weeks by a succession of powerful British and American regional offensives, beginning on February 8th.

What We Do in the Shadows Jackie Daytona vintage shirt
What We Do in the Shadows Jackie Daytona vintage shirt

As the Americans approached the Rhine River in central What We Do in the Shadows Jackie Daytona vintage shirt Germany in mid-March, they sensed weakness on the eastern bank and decided to cross it even while clearing the last remnants of the German forces west of the river. They had already seized a Rhine crossing at Remagen on March 7th. A series of assault crossings beginning on March 22nd by two American armies and the French 1st Army found an enormous hole in the German line. Meanwhile, the British-American armies on the lower Rhine made a formal assault crossing on a wide front and broke through the German forces assembling there. All of this had taken place between February 8th and March 25th. Over the next week, British, American, and French armored columns drove deep into Germany along a three hundred mile front, making advances of five to fifty miles per day.

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What We Do in the Shadows Jackie Daytona vintage shirt
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