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Dear grandpa, I think it’s time we talked about having you go stay at the Some grandmas play bingo real grandmas drink wine shirt. You know, with all of the other grandmas and grandpas. It’ll be nice, with lots of bingo and all the jello and rice pudding you want. Now let’s get your bags packed. I’ll load up the minivan. Donald, you do realize that your body type you know flaccid, overweight, pear is a sure sign of lack of testosterone right? You are really starting to look like a bingo-playing grandma. No insult to Grandmas meant. Get that checked soon. For real tho my grandma’s friend fed plays bingo with the superintendent’s cousins mom and she said there’s no school so I think we’re good.

Lou Brock Left Fielder 1939 2020 thank you for the memories signature Shirt

get to meet her first grandchild. For many months we all prayed. She lived 3 months over the time the Drs gave ber. He was 2 months old when she passed. It’s been 9 years since she left us and 5 grandkids later. She is missed every day. Her last full sentence to me was her crying that he wouldn’t know her. He and his 2 brothers know who

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Bingo games are okay if you like playing Bingo. Some of the buildings aren’t too bad looking. But the religion is something I could never accept (and I mean from the time I understood human speech). One of my earliest thoughts (in a much younger language, but I can’t remember the exact words I was thinking), when I heard two adults discussing this “god” person, as if miracles were objectively real, was, “they can’t really believe that nonsense, can they?”. And I hadn’t even started school yet.

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Hendrix on guitar, Feynman on bongos, Bonham on drums, Joplin sings. Gandhi spins party clothes, Buddha hands out earplugs and meditation tips, Darwin breeds party pigeons, Einstein keeps it relative. A chorus line of 17 popes kicks it up.

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But, unlike the usual deities that earthlings worship, Dick is not a dick. You can exit heaven and enter hell at any time. You only have to admit that it was silly of you to believe in gods when Dick so carefully designed a universe that has none.

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One Christmas, I received a keyboard and was in love with it. I wrote sheet music, despite my close to null understanding of it, and tried to play with a mix of both white and black keys to make a normal song. My brother jumped on top of it, broke it with his butt, and I was deemed responsible for it being broken because I left it unattended for a minute to go fetch the music sheet holder thingy in my brother’s room.

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I didn’t even receive a gift. My gift was a communistic gift. Not for my personal enjoyment, but meant to be shared with everyone. And guess what? We never even played! I often tried to make my family play, not because I wanted to or even liked bingo, just because if they bought it, must mean they want to play, right? I often got yelled at or hit when I pestered my parents to play bingo with my brother and I. They said they hated bingo and why don’t I play alone if I like it so much? I even told them I hated bingo and just wanted to play so they could have fun. They got mad, or they dismissed me, or they just made fun of me, because “If you hate it and still want to play to make others happy, that’s stupid! Where does that logic even come from? It makes no sense! And here we thought you were the smart one, you’re as stupid as your brother!”

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Yeah, so they literally used the excuse of Christmas to not only not buy me a gift, (and in case you’re wondering, my brother got a set of two huge Nerf guns that year that he played with until they broke and liked to tease me with because, heck, I wanted to pretend to shoot bad guys too!) but buy a gift for themselves that they never even used. And it even gave them an extra excuse to beat or yell at or punish me. Great. Talk about unfitting, I think you found one.

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After a lender told me three days before closing that the buyer’s paperwork was good and we would close on time, the lender literally disappeared. I had the sellers and it was a very rough month until we could close again with another lender.

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