Satan no lives matter shirt

My role was to keep notes of what happened in the meeting and what tasks were handed out by the head attorney to the junior attorneys and other members of the office staff. I very rarely talked to the elder members of the staff and received my orders from the secretaries, so I knew my place and would quietly sit off to the side frantically keeping track of what happened in my notes. In the middle of the all staff meeting the intern stood up and began to scream at me in front of everyone in the office.

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Satan no lives matter shirt

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Screaming, with spit flying everywhere and her finger pointing right in my face in front of everyone that I hoped to someday be awesome job contacts and references for me. I sunk into the chair apologizing. “I read them exactly what you wrote I’m so sorry, restaurant’s sometimes mess up” with a weak quivering voice as she continued screaming at me and stormed out of the office. I was left humiliated. Everyone just stared at me, none of the adults said a thing until they just went on continuing their meeting.

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