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Many expats, Americans and non-Americans, want to gain access to the US Stock Markets whilst reducing tax risks. The answer to your question depends on if you are American or non-American. If you are non-American it is best to get access to US Markets with funds domiciled outside the US. For example, regardless of whether you are a DIY investor or going through an advisor, it is best to invest in a non-US platform (say Swissquote, Saxo or whatever) rather than a US platform (Interactive Brokers, eToro as an example). That is because there is always the small risk of US estate taxes, and other problems, even if the W8-Ben form is signed. Second, it is best to buy the S&P500 domiciled on the London Stock Exchange, or indeed another stock exchange like Ireland, rather than on the NYSE. People forget this basic fact. These days, you can buy the S&P500 ETF fund, in both Pounds and USD, on the London Stock exchanges and other exchanges. Vanguard, BlackRock and iShares have all created USD products held outside the US, because they know about the estate and other potential taxes non-Americans could face. The fees and performance will be identical. So by using a non-US broker, and investing in index funds or ETFs which are tracking the US Markets but are domiciled in Canada, the UK or Ireland, you can avoid the US tax web entirely. Santa Face Beard Silhouette Gift ornaments

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