San Francisco Snoopy NFL Ornament

My girlfriend, who was very into my crossdressing, and I had gotten a room in a hotel for the weekend so we could hit some alternative clubs and not worry about driving home. So it’s around 7pm and too early for the clubs so my girlfriend suggests we hit the bar and restaurant in the hotel for drinks and dinner. We put our name in for a table and go to the bar to wait and have a drink or two. The bar is pretty empty so we grab seats off to ourselves and chat about the clubs we plan to go to later. Thats when a guy comes in and sits next to me and starts chatting with us…are we locals or staying at the hotel?…kind of questions. I answer a little vaguely saying we’re in town to go to some clubs and my girlfriend jumps in naming a couple we plan to go to. The guy looks at us and says you’re not exactly the type or dressed for those kind of clubs. My girlfriend says our fun clothes are upstairs and she, pointing at me, is just the kind of “girl” for one of those clubs. The guy says ohh really? And slides his hand into my lap and gropes my crotch and says that’s not exactly lady parts under that skirt. San Francisco Snoopy NFL Ornament

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