Ron Swanson never half ass two things whole ass one thing shirt

Sander Lak made his official menswear debut from an upper hall of the Ron Swanson never half ass two things whole ass one thing shirt Apart from…,I will love this Opéra Bastille, where the stunning view out to Paris was nearly panoramic. It was a not-so-subtle reminder that today’s show also marked his first outside of New York, where he is now among the brightest stars of the city’s Fashion Week. Scheduled after Loewe and before Thom Browne, Lak presented both the men’s Fall capsule, now available to buy; the new Spring collection; plus some womenswear and if you didn’t know any better, you’d assume Sies Marjan has been on the Paris calendar all along. “There are an elevation and tougher competitive spirit in Paris; but in the end, I was just thinking about what is the best work I can make the most beautiful version of whatever it is I’m trying to translate,” he said, with impressive composure. That “whatever” was expressed by Erykah Badu’s “I Want You,” an extra-long track from 2003 that oozes anxious longing and intensifying soul. It could also be felt in rounded expanses of male décolleté, outerwear spanning skin tones, knitwear underpinnings, and tied waists that could be undone with a single pull. That “whatever” was Lak addressing male sexuality in a highly nuanced way. “What can you show off the male body that isn’t necessarily porn or sex or gay or straight?” he said. “It’s this idea of nudity while fully dressed.” In parallel, though, he also seemed determined to give the pieces a more elevated positioning. Chromatic leather jackets some embossed with a croc-effect unstructured trench coat in deep hues and sensuous constructions of silk not unlike his women’s designs got this point across. Lak, in any case, wasn’t making a radical statement for this coming out so much as a deeply personal one. “I put everything into my work, and it’s about having to expose yourself.” It’s rare to hear a designer discuss his or her own emotional vulnerability in the moments before or after a show; and yet this is what gives Sies Marjan a resonance beyond his sumptuous explorations of texture or color. Now if we have ascertained that 110 million dollars of spending have occurred in the current year, that doesn’t mean we have determined that we have a 110 million dollars in currency, because a given amount of money can be used for spending over and over. In fact the proper way to calculate the amount of spending is the take the average number of times each unit of the money supply is used for spending in that year (the velocity of money V) times the face value of the total amount of money in the money supply

Ron Swanson never half ass two things whole ass one thing shirt

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