I rolled my eyes so hard I checked out my own ass shirt

Geller’s comfortable, athletic I rolled my eyes so hard I checked out my own ass shirt  garments have only become more agile. Even more invigorating is his new palette. Rather than labor over an exact shade of sandstone or clay, as he often does, Geller’s ditched his earth tones this season in favor of something more fabulous. The slime green stripes that cut through a nylon coat or the metallic azures that make up a shimmering suit are far more electric than what we’ve come to expect from the earthy designer. But if it’s not evident yet, Geller is ready for a change.  Federico Curradi is finding his groove at Rochas. This annoyingly standing-format show (how to type?) was packed full of engaging all-organic garments, soft and flowing, and bohemian. Curradi said he’s trying to make an artist’s wardrobe and who doesn’t want to look like an “artist,” right? Since decamping to Paris from Florence, he’s tried to suffuse himself in Frenchness, and for this collection consulted Ed van der Elsken’s Love on the Left Bank and Helena Janeczek’s The Girl With the Leica what a story with which to conjure atmospheric touches to his garments. Inspired by Gerda Taro’s bravery and resolve (if you don’t know it, please Google her story; it’s amazing), he incorporated soft embroidery detailing on weathered military-uniform-inspired trenches and shirting in silk and cotton. Noticing my sisters panties and slips on the clothesline drying after washing and my mother neatly folding her panties and ironing her slips after the washing was brought in, kept building my interest and gave me persisting thoughts about panties and slips until it reached the stage where inexorably I felt compelled to explore trying on panties and a slip.

I rolled my eyes so hard I checked out my own ass shirt

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