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Aristotle makes reference to the hair form of Egyptians and Ethiopians: “Why are the Ethiopians and Egyptians bandy-legged? Is it because the bodies of living creatures become distorted by heat, like logs of wood when they become dry? The condition of their hair supports this theory; for it is curlier than that of other nations, and curliness is as it were crookedness of the hair.” (Physiognomics, Book XIV, p. 317

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Narrow definition: In Africa, a black person must fit the Negro stereotype : thick lips, a broad nose, nappy (Afro-textured) hair and a prognate skull. Only those who fit this stereotype are black people. North East-Saharan Africans (Egyptians, modern and ancient) who have the so-called Caucasian skull, aquiline features and curly/straight hair are not black but dark/brown Caucasians.

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The written word of ancient times is crystal clear as to what ancient Egyptians looked like. For ancient Greeks and Romans, Blacks were closely tied to the River Nile. Delusional Eurocentrists should tell us all at what village along the Nile Whites are found as first settlers and earliest inhabitants.

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Well, to start from the beginning, they are no longer enslaved by almost every major European power, nor in the United States. After slavery was abolished, most slaves either decided to stay with their old masters to help work (not all slave owners were abusive, or mistreative of their workers) or move North for work. The former meant eventually a piece of land for themselves, and food and lodging for as long as they still worked for the land owner. Fast forward to today, the effects of both decisions can be seen. Blacks are seen as a minority, and often times as a topic for politicians to argue over, but are for the most part treated as any other ethnicity.

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Those who stayed south seem reasonably comfortable in their living, while many of those in the north still occupy the poorer parts of the city because their ancestors arrived without a penny to their names. This is just my experiences in general, there are plenty of exceptions

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We’re not fractionated or fractionable unless you’re applying the White gaze of categorization. It is neurosis to do so to human beings, just because a practice is in fashion is no reason to assimilate to it.

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That’s what racing someone does, it immediately puts them into a box and says you can only pick a corner in the box but you have no vote or agency in being in the box or its parameters. Because by being a questioned or label-able human, you lose agency.

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If one takes the agency and says I am not that and refuses to identify themselves that way then the construct is in conflict—-is Rachel Dolezal. She committed the ultimate crime in a racially society, she forsook the preferred race. The real freak out wasn’t her living Black, looking Black, marrying Black, breeding with Blacks—it was forsaking White heritage and parentage to be Black. Does the mass society in America really care if there’s 1 more Black woman?

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And the concept of mixed is also predicated on there being no mixed and what one is mixed with. Mix infers there is pure, pureness. Who’s pure? What makes one pure? Impure? Who gets to judge pureness, legislate it, define it’s parameters? And this is how people of color reinforce White projection, we act as measurement enforcers, deputized race police to our own communities with conscripted race rules and regulations.

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Dolezal is the first shot across the bow for people to self selection culture and wholly disregard race. Next, more and more ideological knowing and unknowing folk, will check Other or Two or More on applications. The constriction of creating so many categories is what collapsed formal Haitian, Spanish, French, Dutch racial divisioning, Toussaint rejecting Napoleons entreaties for peace because they would not subdivide humans who were Haitian to fulfill a bs social capitalist’s construct for profit.

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