How To Play Disc Golf throw swear look for disc repeat vintage shirt

She of course didn’t include the How To Play Disc Golf throw swear look for disc repeat vintage shirt also I will do this message I sent directly following where I apologized. Needless to say, she didn’t have any direct proof and I of course denied it, but I still lost my job with her fanning the flames in the back. Just a charming individual. So yeah I never talked to her again. This man was either mentally ill or on drugs (or both) but his movements were so quick, jerky and erratic that as he once again reached to the back of his pants, jerked up to the window of the car and flung his hand around the two of us reacted in unison. I started to dip down to the floor of the car, hoping to shield under the glovebox. The officer had his hand on his gun and it halfway out of the holster before we realized the man was simply jerking his hands around for no reason. The officer asked him to just keep his hands visible and the man apologized. He was extremely nervous and erratic. The officer asked the man what he had been doing in the yard of another house but the man didn’t have a good answer. He kept adjusting his pants and answering awkwardly. Because he couldn’t keep control of his movements the officer decided to step out of the car and talk with him for safety’s sake and requested another unit stop by for back-up. I already felt something was off about this individual but what really tipped me off was when his eyes fixated at me and he stared at me like a piece of meat served on a platter. To say he was ogling would be an understatement, so I simply sat in the car and tried to avoid eye contact. The officer noticed he was staring at me as well. He was one step away from licking his lips and of course kept having to re-adjust the crotch of his pants. I was a high school student at the time but looked young for my age. We suspected what he was doing skulking around his neighbor’s house in the middle of the night with his pants too loose to stay up (peeping tom) but since we hadn’t caught him in the act, we simply talked to him, ran him to make sure he didn’t have warrants and let him be on his way. Of course, running his name showed that he is a registered child sex offender which came to the surprise of no one. But it certainly explained why I had felt chills all over my body when he had stared at me so intensely even while multiple police officers were watching.

How To Play Disc Golf throw swear look for disc repeat vintage shirt

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