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The invention, mechanics, maintenance and implications to our culture of the washing machine; the chemistry behind the various Hints from Heloise as to getting stains out of fabric using vinegar and baking soda; the artistry of the selection and drape of a bedroom curtain, including discussion of the visual, neurological and biological impact of various colors and patterns on bedroom activities; the flexibility and design of a toilet brush and the most effective style of toilet bowl cleaning; and the ridiculousness of why someone always leaves their underwear right next to the hamper instead of putting it in (known in highly intellectual psychological/behavioral economics circles as “The Proximate Hamper Aversion Dilemma”) – there is nothing about life that isn’t either capable of being highly intellectualized, or reduced to the mundane. I love sitcoms. They’re my favorite things on tv. My favorite is the Big Bang Theory, which has 4 very nerdy, super high intelligent men and 3 women as the main characters. Two of the women are also highly intelligent but not portrayed as nearly as nerdy. Yet, whom are the ones who are made fools of and look ridiculous in every episode? The obviously super highly intelligent men. (From time to time, it’s Penny who doesn’t have a college degree and is an actress, but because she’s blonde and very pretty, although these episodes and moments are very rare. In her case, it’s the men she dates that fall into this role.) Another favorite of mine was Tool Time with Tim Allen, who portrayed a man who was very successful as a salesman and helped create a successful tool show on television but is made to look incompetent in every single episode. There were also two other men, Al and Wilson who were made to be more competent, Wilson more so than Al, but Al also had his moments, especially when he finally got a girlfriend. Tim’s wife, Jill, was RARELY made fun of or made to look ridiculous. You can go down the list of all kinds of television shows and check them all off – Cheers, Frasier, Friends, Two Broke Girls, just to name a few off the top of my head. And yes, as a man, I laugh my butt off at them!

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To start with, how many times have you watched a sitcom or program on tv where the younger adult male was the “smart”, “educated” or “somber and sober” person in the relationship, or even the wise one in a relationship? Not too often! (Not counting the relationship that has a “ditzy” female who would be dating the “idiot” man making them both “funny”. Most usually, the men (regardless of race or religion) are shown as fools who need to learn some kind of a lesson for that episode. And, this portrayal of men is not random. This goes for men who are single, as well as men who are married, men who are black, white, red, yellow and otherwise. I would even go so far as to say the man in a homosexual relationship, who plays what uneducated people might call the “male” character in the coupling also plays the fool most times. Men in movies and television, especially comedies, are often seen as bumbling, fumbling, incompetent and finally repentant while learning a life “lesson”. Why isn’t the woman filling these roles? Because how dare anyone shame a woman!

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We are all and each much more complex than one shared, discussed, dramatized reading of Joyce or Shakespeare might show. We demonstrate it when we spend time together, breathing the same air, and when we show the depths – and shallows – of our intellects, our physical beings, and our hearts to each other. We’d avoid dating someone who doesn’t want to show us their them, and cares little for hearing about our us, either.

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Almost any subject matter can be “highly intellectual”, or pose problems that need solving, or something that requires significant additional research or a shared foundation of knowledge, or positioning within a specific dimension. (Sounds intellectual, doesn’t it? I’m not really sure what that sentence even meant, and I am super-intellectual. Sometimes. I once even spent a blind date discussing the finer points of federalism v. state sovereignty, just to be polite. No second date, thank you very much).

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I stopped shaving my arm pits this past summer, and I’m much happier with the hair. No matter what I did, I always got itchy pits after shaving. New razor, old razor, two or three strokes, several strokes, tons of shaving cream, no shaving cream, deodorant applied immediately, no deodorant applied immediately… I tried everything. Always, always there was some itchiness after shaving.

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As for anyone who says not shaving your arm pits is “gross,” I’m sorry they’ve been shamed into thinking natural female bodies are somehow dirty. And I hope they’ll stop trying to make other women feel bad about themselves for making different aesthetic choices than they do. Because really, there is nothing unhygienic about arm pit hair. Someone who showers regularly is going to be clean regardless of how hairy they are or aren’t.

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Please have a look at the photo above. This appears – to my eyes – to be a very happy couple. The woman on the right is clearly happy being with the crossdresser on the left. There are many such couples here on Quora.

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My late husband was 6′5″, blond, green eyes, lean body, hairy chest, quite Nordic looking (conventionally gorgeous, but even more beautiful on the inside). I loved how his size & strength made me feel protected & safe. My 1st boyfriend after my husband was just 5′8″, with olive skin, dark eyes, funky crooked teeth & a small build. I loved the way our smaller bodies (I am petite), felt together, especially when we were sleeping. I found each of them incredibly physically attractive.

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