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Also, everyone has phones that can help translate documents, most Spanish-speaking people in the US have a better passing understanding of English than English speakers have of Spanish, and most hospitals have workers who speak Spanish because it’s the second most common language in the US. If it’s their responsibility to learn “the main language” then it’s equally English speakers’ responsibility to learn Spanish. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the USA and everything is literally translated into it. People have lived in this country for centuries who don’t speak English. Your laziness is not their problem. What does this have to do with the injustices people have undergone through public tongue lashing just because they were having a private conversation. Demanding everyone be bilingual for your comfort, while stubbornly remaining monolingual, is some breathtaking American arrogance. I agree but if you are speaking to someone else who shares a common first language as you, and that language is different from the main language of the country you’re in – you have every right to talk to that person in the language you’re most comfortable with, without fear of getting abused by idiots.

Never stop dreaming Freddy Krueger shirt

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