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Next time I’m not going to be the absolute biggest idiot in the universe and will only answer the gatephone. I really hope the stranger was telling me the truth, but, while I think it is possible, I can’t say I believed him. And while I hope I’m giving my dog too much credit, I think what she did was right and, you know what? She deserved the bone I just gave her (and she finished it while I typed this not very special story). My favorite memory is tied to one of the worst memories in my life. Chicago 2009, lost my job in the housing market collapse. Lost my wife and my house too. I found my dog though. In the shadow of that mountain of crap I fostered this 4 month old, 70 lb Labrador puppy who had been used as a bait dog. He was huge but needed a place to heal his body and mind and I was that place. He wouldn’t let me near him at first. He had jumped into a chair and just camped there curled up giving me a distrustful gaze. I decided to sleep on the floor near the chair. About 2:30am I felt a cold wet nose in my ear. By 3am he was curled up next to me. Maybe we would heal each other a bit. It only took the day to decide to keep him. His name was Max. He was wonderful and he became my friend, eventually my family. About a year and six months later my youngest brother called me from North Carolina, Max who had been sleeping across the room from me got up and came and stood in front of me just staring. As I listened to my brother I realized Max had put his huge head on my leg. Moments later he was nuzzeling my neck. By the time I had been informed that my middle brother had died rescuing two people from drowning Max was in my lap with his forelegs around my neck with his forehead pressed to my cheek, periodically licking up my tears. Somehow he knew I would need comfort and emotional support and he didn’t leave my side the entire night or next day. He was very attentive and unusually affectionate for quite a while while I grieved the loss of my little brother.

Off Duty Star of Life shirt

The day he died 8 years later broke my heart but I was there with my arms around his 140 lb neck and whispering what a good boy he had been in his ear right to his last breath. I couldn’t be any place else. It’s the least I could do to repay him some of the love and comfort he gave me when I thought I was alone needed someone to grieve with me. I should probably expand on my brothers death to do it justice and honor him as well. My little brother died saving a father and son caught in a rip tide and being pulled out to sea off the coast of North Carolina. Unfortunately his fiancée and 2 daughters were there to witness the event. He had been in a horrific car accident less than a year before and was still healing from internal injuries and surgeries. He saw people in trouble and without a thought about himself he took action and managed to get both father and son to shore before he was lost in the surf. I just want to thank everyone for the upvotes. I’m not a person who cares about “likes” or anything like that, but this was a special thought, a special dog, and a hero of a brother. (Jeremey) Having people appreciate it and them keeps their memory and story alive. When I first told this story here I became unexpectedly emotional and so have gone back and made a few edits to tell the story a little better. So thank you for honoring those memories. Their memories. It’s true that dogs have a large carbon footprint. In fact, there are claims that a dog has a larger footprint than an SUV. However, the reason why dogs have such a large impact on the environment is due to their large meat diet. The meat for dog food of course comes from factory farms, which are some of the largest carbon emitters on the planet. So the real culprit to your dogs very large carbon footprint are the farms where your dog’s food comes from. There are however a variety of vegan and vegetarian dog food products that owners can buy to avoid that issue.

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