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Many years ago, I went for an interview at a geriatric long-term care center (“nursing home”). I was kept waiting for probably half an hour after my scheduled interview time and, sometime during that half hour, I watched a very well-dressed woman come out of an office in with tears beginning to form and a flush rising up her neck. When she was almost to the exit, she burst into sobs as she left. A minute later, I was called into that same office to meet the D.O.N. (director of nursing).

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All I need today is a little bit of Huskers and a whole lot of Jesus shirt

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The traditional AP workflow—including manual processes, such as paper invoices—can be time-consuming, creating a wide-open space for errors and a long and winding audit trail that can devastate even the most-seasoned accounting professionals. While Accounts Payable automation has been a fascination for some time, not many companies have embraced the tool well enough to improve their overall payable process. But make no mistake about it, AP automation is no passing trend. Over half of today’s AP teams predict that, by 2021, their companies will eliminate paper invoices.

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Your Accounts Payable department is an essential part of your company’s success. If you’re unsure what you owe and when, you could miss out on growth opportunities with your vendors, such as early payment discounts. They also provide an accurate representation of the company’s financial status. You might have $50,000 coming in every month, but what if you owe $60,000 per month to your vendors and suppliers? With AP automation software, you can run reports that give you invaluable insights that can be used to strategically refine not only your AP processes but your overall operation.

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Some years back, I was working in PACU in an outpatient surgery center. An anesthesiologist (that I wasn’t overly fond of-nor was anyone else) brought me a older teen patient that had just had a tonsillectomy. As the patient awakened, he started coughing violently nonstop. The anesthesiologist was standing at the foot of the gurney writing post-op medication orders for the patient and pretty much ignoring the coughing. Coughing is a really bad thing when it happens following a tonsillectomy as it can cause the patient to begin to bleed which would require a return trip to the OR.

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As I walked by the anesthesiologist on the way to the narcotic box, he spoke up and said “but I have demerol ordered.” I just gave him “the look” and kept on going. I have no idea what was said between the two doctors. On my return, the codeine was given and the coughing stopped. The surgeon was still there and was relieved when the coughing stopped and stayed stopped.The bottom line? The anesthesiologist was an idiot and the surgeon was appreciative of the offer that codeine was available. I am unsure if that anesthesiologist is currently practicing in the city in which I encountered him. Kudos to the surgeon that understood and accepted the offer of a medication to stop the coughing.

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She glanced up at me from behind her desk and stated “You’re Christian Thompson? Have a seat so I can ask you some questions.” No smile, no handshake, and no waiting for my return greeting or reply to her “inquiry” about my identity. She immediately started shuffling an enormous stack of index cards and began reading/asking me clinical questions from them. They ranged from reasonable questions about safe nursing practice, geriatric care, and state regulations, to bizarrely complex questions such as “What labs would you request for a CHF patient on these meds with a history of this secondary diagnosis?” and “How would you identify third spacing after abdominal surgery?” and “What parameters are used to diagnose open-angle versus closed-angle glaucoma and what medical interventions would you expect?”

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