My favorite marine calls me mom shirt

The slogan Press On! has solved and always will solve the My favorite marine calls me mom shirt it is in the first place but problems of the human race. I’m not aware of any of his tax returns appearing yet. I would be greatly surprised if there is anything of interest in his tax returns other than confidential business information that his business competitors would love to see. The Washington crowd feeds the tax return hype to the rubes who are stupid enough to believe that Trumps tax returns are something that he does on the kitchen table and mails in on the 15th of April. What hogwash. Trump is the defacto head of an organization of over five hundred companies employing thousands of people across multiple countries and taxing districts. His tax returns and all the other taxes that his organizations pay on a daily basis are the product of a huge accounting division employing a small army of CPAs, tax specialists, attorneys, clerks, permanent IRS auditors and a host of others. The likelihood that this organization would turn out fraudulent tax returns is up there with flying pigs. Trump himself has little or nothing to do with preparing his tax returns. It’s all smoke and mirrors to distract the truly gullible from considering all the work that’s not being done by either party on real issues like health care and immigration.

My favorite marine calls me mom shirt

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