Music is not a pastime and when I need it most it’s a light in the dark shirt

Music is not a pastime and when I need it most it’s a light in the dark shirt

At some point, I’ll become so mesmerised Music is not a pastime and when I need it most it’s a light in the dark shirt by everything that I eventually stop talking to people all together and instead I listen to the ‘wall of sound’ coming at me from a ll directions. I feel like I want to respond but I don’t – I just giggle. Giggling fits are the best. You can’t stop the giggles, they force their way out of you and you laugh to the point of tears. You don’t exactly know why you’re laughing so hard or why everything is funny and you can’t stop yourself. This is hilarious for every else because when I get the giggles I’m normally all over the place – usually to the point when I’m kicking my legs and arms with laughter. I’ll also make random remarks to people and laugh hysterically straight afterwards.

Mexican and Filipino it’s in my DNA shirt

Law enforcement Joshua 19 back the blue American shirt

Kiss Band Dachshund shirt

July 17th 1989 30th anniversary Splash Mountain shirt

Jesus is my savior crocheting is my therapy shirt

I wear red for my sisters shirt

Horror characters We all have a hero just mine are a little darker than yours shirt

Grumpy cat that’s what I do I am a nurse and I know things vintage shirt

God Jesus matters shirt

Earcism foundation earth shirt

Donald Trump and Xi Jinping go ahead make my dumplings American shirt

Disney Stitch I love you shirt

Cloud be happy Dixie D’Amelio shirt

Bigfoot hold gun in the forest Pew Pew Madafakas shirt

Be a gallagher in a world full of Kardashians shirt

Vintage Unicorn Weight Lifting Sweatin’ like a hooker in church shirt

Vintage shark sorry I can’t it’s week shirt

Vintage Pandas wrestling WWF shirt

Vintage Panda Ich Mag Halt Einfach Ich Mag Halt shirt

That’s what I do I drink coffee I hate people and I know things blood moon shirt

Teach love kindness hands shirt

Skull in God we trust shirt

Never underestimate an old lady with a Jeep blood moon shirt

Mom and Daughter best freakin’ partner in crime shirt

Yoga Namaste I am mostly peace love and wiener and a little go fuck yourself shirt

Vintage Dachshund Pew Pew Madafakas shirt

This awesome dad belongs to Olivia and Liam Father’s day shirt

Thank you for the memories Eminem 32 Years of operation 1988-2020 signature shirt

Sylvester Stallone first blood where is your mask son shirt

Stitch Ohana wind chimes shirt

Sons of Anarchy all character signatures shirt

Ray’s music exchange 300E. 47Th. Chicago shirt

Music is not a pastime and when I need it most it’s a light in the dark shirt

If I get stoned and sing all night long it’s a family tradition shirt

Floral this dog mom belongs to Peanut Teddy Milo shirt

Cow Weight lifting straight outta shape but heifer I’m tryin’ shirt

Black girl date who you want but STFU about Us black Queens pressed and ready shirt

Black cat that’s what I do I read books and I ignore people shirt

August Queen I am who I am your approval isn’t needed shirt

Salute the flag back the badge Thin Blue Line USA Flag shirt

Another cool thing I experience, normally just Music is not a pastime and when I need it most it’s a light in the dark shirt before winding down, is I start to feel a weird pins and needles sensation in my hands and touching my hands together feels really weird. It feels strangely good, yet also perhaps a little unsettling – but mostly good. Also, dry mouthing is common for me. It’s an intense dry mouth sensation which makes you constantly lick and suck your lips. You actually feel like every drop of moisture has disappeared from your mouth. Your gums and lips feel ‘sticky’ and ‘tacky’ as you rub them together – also you produce a fair bit of mucus too.

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