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I’m not going to get into the nitty gritty of why she was a bad employee. We worked at a law firm together. She wasn’t a shareholder, she wasn’t an attorney, she wasn’t an associate (shh). She was a paralegal. I’m not saying anything negative about paralegals but I’m saying it’s surprising that at that position she treated everyone like she was their boss. She was consistently getting into fights with other staff especially if they were stationed below her. She seemed to love lording over others (like a movie villain saying things like, “You’ll never work at a law firm in this city again!” when confronted with perceived slights against her). She just overall made the workplace a hostile and toxic place (and trust me that office did not need help with that).

Momster what happens to mom after she counts to 3rd shirt

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The office had been trying to get rid of her for a while and she knew it. What she would do is every couple months or so would come up with some drama to complain about. One time she complained that a fellow paralegal was sexually harassing her with a slinky and another month she complained that the open dishwasher (which was actively being loaded) was a danger because she almost ‘tripped and fell’ into it. Once again… it was actively being loaded. That’s like walking into a kitchen when your parents are making dinner and complaining that the stove is hot because its in use. She did this so that she could claim any dismissal was retaliatory if they tried to let her go.

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