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Whoops, they’re divorced now.’ You Minnesota Vikings one nation under god shirt The Heir Affair before Harry and Meghan resigned as royals, but the book starts with Nick and Bex in self-imposed exile, escaping from the monarchy and masquerading as normal people. The Royal We was about an American woman marrying into the royal family. Are you two clairvoyant? The whole time that we were working on The Heir Affair, and then after we turned it in, we were like, ‘Nobody’s going to believe that we had written most of this stuff before Megan and Harry left England.’ But if we were to totally change the plot at that point, our publisher would murder us in our beds. The Royal We was less a book that we wrote because we are Kate and Will mega-fans and more because we were like, ‘She became the most famous woman in the world overnight. There’s no way this was that easy.’ Of course, the same thing happened to Meghan Markle. It’s funny. I saw a headline that said somebody had seen Harry biking on [Pacific Coast Highway] and he was by himself, just a guy with red hair wearing a helmet, and I thought to myself, How do you even know that was Prince Harry? Then I thought, That’s probably a big part of why they moved to California. Maybe it was a red-haired dude, maybe it was Prince Harry. Everybody moved on about their day. I think that’s the kind of life that they were looking for. There are a lot of fanfic writers who have gone on to write professionally, and people get a lot of joy out of fanfic, so I’m not offended at all. I think that, terminology-wise, it’s just a helpful shorthand for explaining that it’s an alternate universe. I get it, because especially when you first look at it, you’re like, ‘Oh, it’s like the Will and Kate story, so it must be a love letter to Will and Kate,’ and, actually, it wasn’t intended as that; it really was intended to be this romance happening in extreme circumstances.Minnesota Vikings one nation under god shirt

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