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Anyway Mom runs inside and dials 911. My 2 closest neighbors saw the whole thing unwind and they also dial 911. In about 45 seconds police cars are lined up on either side of my street and side streets. My Dad had just retired from the NYPD and signed paperwork to keep the 3 guns. He exits our house and tells me to go inside. In fact no kids were allowed out that day. For about 6–7 hours the police department sergeant, lieutenant, and captain each took turns knocking on his door and trying to persuade him to open the door. He never did open the door. If he did the police would be allowed to search his entire shithole of a house.

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Liquor the glue holding this 2020 shitshow together shirt

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About 15 years ago he was evicted and no place to live. He was found dead in a truck depot. What was his house was sold, just about everything that was inside was thrown away. About 13 Dumpster’s were used. We even used it dispose of a few tiny things. I was actually expecting a lot of wood to be erected around the house, and then some explosives to destroy the house. The house is now being reused. The first new neighbors bought and sold the property, and now we have new neighbors.

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