I like whisky and dogs and maybe 3 people shirt

When I first met my mother in law I like whisky and dogs and maybe 3 people shirt I instantly knew I would get along with her. She was so nice to me and would call me every day and we talked for hours. After a couple of months went by I noticed I didn’t have the same desire to answer her calls. I would text her like “I’m working and will call you later” having my boyfriend call her later at night and I would say hi in the background. my boyfriend and I started getting into so many fights. It seemed as though everything he did annoyed me or was wrong to me. I em never felt good enough despite the fact that he’s obsessed with me, in love with me, and treats me like a queen. I do not think Hinata stands a chance against Sage Naruto. Just no, he will pick her up and throw her away like this. After Naruto throws her away like that, he jumps high in the air and punches through Hinata’s skull like this. I would say any version of Hinata would still be base pre-Rasen Shuriken Naruto Odama Rasengan Excluded level. Because unless you are dumb you know that Naruto is not affected by the Gentle fist. Naruto’s each stronger than Hinata and immune to Hinata’s attacks vs 1 Hinata. That is never going well for her. Naruto has survived the Gentle fist from characters that are literally billions of times stronger than Hinata. I can be Generous and say adult Hinata could probably beat Vote p1 Naruto, but that’s being generous to Hinata, like really generous.

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I like whisky and dogs and maybe 3 people shirt

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